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September arrivals:

American Hippie in Israel, An (Grindhouse) - Blu Ray
Antiviral (IFC) - Blu Ray
Bad Ronald (Warner) - MOD
Bay of Blood, A (Kino) - Blu Ray
Black Sheep (Icon) - UK Blu Ray
Blood Thirst / The Thirsty Dead (Vinegar Syndrome)
Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold (Warner) - MOD
Crystal Lake Memories (1429) - Blu Ray
Day of the Dead (Shout Factory) - Blu Ray
Death Force / Vampire Hookers (Vinegar Syndrome)
Deranged (Arrow) - UK Blu Ray
Derby (Code Red)
Devil's Express (Code Red)
Doll Squad, The / Mission: Killfast (Vinegar Syndrome) - Blu Ray
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (Warner) - MOD
Female Bunch, The / Piranha Piranha / Tarzana, the Wild Girl (Code Red)
Frankenstein's Army (Dark Sky) - Blu Ray
I Spit on your Corpse (Troma)
Inbred (Anchor Bay) - UK Blu Ray
Insignificance (Criterion) - Blu Ray
Invasion of the Blood Farmers / Silent Night, Bloody Night (Code Red)
Livid (Optimum) - UK Blu Ray
Long Arm of the Law (Part III) (Joy Sales) - HK
Long Arm of the Law II (Joy Sales) - HK
Loved Ones. The (Optimum) - UK Blu Ray
Power, The (Warner) - MOD
Pretty Maids All in a Row (Warner) - MOD
Prince of Darkness (Shout Factory) - Blu Ray
Psycho a Go-Go (Troma)
Psycho II (Shout Factory) - Blu Ray
Psycho III (Shout Factory) - Blu Ray
Scanners II / Scanners III (Shout Factory) - Blu Ray
Seconds (Criterion) - Blu Ray
Snuff (Blue Underground) - Blu Ray
They Call Me Macho Woman (Troma)
To Be or Not To Be (Criterion) - Blu Ray
Top Sensation (Camera Obscura) - Austria
Unseen, The (Scorpion) - Blu Ray
Video Vixens (Troma)
Virgin Among the Living Dead, A (Redemption) - Blu Ray
Welcome Home, Soldier Boys (Fox) - MOD
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