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Originally Posted by Nailwraps View Post
From Scream's Facebook!:

**BREAKING: Extras for 1980's Sci-fi Thriller SATURN 3 Revealed!**

All-New High Definition Transfer of the film
• Commentary by Greg Moss (Saturn 3 Fan site) and film critic David Bradley
• Interviews with Academy Award winning Special Effects artist Colin Chilvers and actor Roy Dotrice
• Deleted Scene
• Additional scenes from the network television version
• Theatrical Trailer
• TV Spots
• Still Gallery

Blu-ray & DVD combo out on 12/3."
UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE! For a die-hard SATURN 3 fan since the beginning, this is beyond awesome. Honestly I'd be happy with just a 1080p print... but this is outstanding. The only thing missing would have been a complete TV print version but hell, I can make my own composite of that.

I remember watching the TV extended version back in the 80's and always wondered if I dreamed up some scenes (after spending years later watching it on Fox's VHS). Around 2000 though, I got the novel and read the scenes I always remembered. Can't wait to experience them again... and see Adam take Hector out on that moon buggy!
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