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So, a good review on DVD Talk and the Halloween mood of October finally prompted me to watch this. I can certainly see why others would dislike it so much. The shaky cam is pretty significant, but that doesn't bother me at all. And, I'd say that I agree pretty much with dominant rankings here. 10/31/98 and The Sick Thing... are probably the best. With Amateur Night giving a good argument for beating out Sick Thing... for second place. Overall the whole thing feels like a bunch of pretty skilled filmmakers just kinda fucking around and if this had been presented as part of some sort of indie film festival, which is really how it feels, it probably would have been easier to enjoy. And, yeah, the wraparound is awful.

However, I'd still recommend it to people just because the whole project is such an interesting idea. Even though many of the stories don't work well and stretch some plausibility, it's really interesting to see how the different filmmakers tackle the idea. From that standpoint, I think The Sick Thing... and Second Honeymoon are big successes, even if the stories had flaws.

And, I would say that 10/31/98 is worth watching. Even though the idea of the guys walking into the house is really hard to believe, the characters are entertaining and believable. And the effects are pretty impressive.
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