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I think I'll put this here for now, when we get more info maybe we can give it its own thread...

Robert Harris has stated that Synapse Films will be putting out Triumph of the Will on Blu-ray:
Originally Posted by Robert Harris
Digital clean-up has been under way for the past year, with a proposed early 2014 release date.

The commentary, identifications and annotations by Dr. Anthony Santoro, which were created for an earlier version, have just be updated, corrected and extended.

Dr. Santoro is Distinguished Professor History and President Emeritus, Christopher Newport University, Newport News, Virginia, and one of the most knowledgable historians on the era, and especially Nazi history.

The task of digital work has been performed by Greg Kimble, who was responsible for the beautiful work on the Cinerama films.

Framing has been corrected, now revealing the entire original 1.19:1 aspect ratio.

A formal announcement will be forthcoming shortly.

This has long been one of my favored projects, as it's one of the most brilliant (and frightening) films ever created. While many people place it in the documentary genre, that is one thing that it absolutely is not. Virtually every shot was created for specific purpose -- plotted and planned for position of cameras, and performances perfected to the highest degree.

The amount of detail ( one can now see camera rising on specially created platforms) in HD is startling.
The original thread was removed but its existence was acknowledged again here:
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