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Originally Posted by rhett View Post
Only one star for THE GATE, Workshed? Explain yourself, son!
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October 1st!

The Gate (1987)

If I've seen this before, I completely forgot about it--vaguely familiar but much of it was new to me, including the awesome Sacrifyx LP! So cool. I wish there were an album that had so much text and evilness.

Otherwise, cheesy, cheesy 80s nonsense. The toy rocket holds the key to mankind's salvation, what? Nobody sweats a young Stephen Dorff levitating? A child named Glenn? The rampant homophobic slurs? The non-threatening--AT ALL--creatures that playfully romp around? Terry--seriously, Terry, what the fuck is wrong with Terry? Oh yeah, his Mom died, so that explains the rainbow makeshift cloak that he sports while rockin' out in his bedroom with his Sacrifyx LP.

** full-on CHEESE stars.
It looks like I only recorded one star for the tracker, tho. I dunno, this one was rough to sit through.
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Well as the video explains, I do not think it is a great film, nor do I think.
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