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The Invoking will be playing tonight as part of the Shockerfest International Film Festival, which has been happening since October 15th and will end on Halloween. The festival airs every night at 7 PM PDT on the Internet TV Station CVML-TV and is simulcast on

The link below is where you will be able to watch The Invoking when it streams as part of the festival. The showings will happen at around 8:10 PM PDT tonight (October 24th) and Tuesday the 29th. For right now you can view the entire festival schedule via the link below as well as see what programming usually plays on internet TV, which mainly consists of endless photography commercials and public access talk shows.

There's also a tab at the top of the page where you can vote for the films you want to win the audience award. We don't have a firm date yet for our home video release, so this is the perfect way to see the film if you haven't gotten the chance yet.

For the posters from across the pond, we also recently learned that the film will have its UK debut as part of the Horror-on-Sea Film Festival. There are no exact showtimes yet, but the festival happens from January 17th-19th.

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