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Originally Posted by Mikey Horror View Post
I haven't seen The Evil Dead remake yet, but the trailers for Evil Dead entertained me a hell of a lot more than all of Cabin in the Woods did. I really don't understand all of the love that Cabin in the Woods got. Every ten years or so, a filmmaker comes along and seems to think that they have to do something clever and different with the horror genre. No, you don't. The genre is just fine without some pompous filmmakers thinking they're clever enough to "re-invent" it. More filmmakers need to find better and more clever ways to unsettle the viewer rather than point and laugh and old cliche's that have been pointed and laughed at to death at which point you actually become that which you are attempting to parody.
This is a very interesting point, one I don't necessarily agree with, but I think I get where you're coming from. I honestly don't think the filmmakers are shitting on the old cliches, I think the "real movie reviewers" just get refreshed that it is a little different and respond generally more positive and certain fans are just so into that stuff, they get all the references and they nerd out on it because that's what they get off on. Case in point, Scream 4 seems to have been written by an internet slasher forum fanboy, and all the dialogue relating to that turned me off, although the movie was still enjoyable because everyone knows the so called slasher rules were broken beyond recognition before the genre even started. And as such, I agree, eventually, these films just become what they're parodying by doing this. No one is Einstein by pointing out to us the flaws in logic in horror movies throughout the ages, realistically, suspension of disbelief is required in even the best in the genre. And the parodying has been done forever even before Scream, let alone Cabin in the Woods, so they're just doing the old gags better. Fine by me, but it is what it is. I think it's the culture of the fanbase, but I don't at all think I'm cooler than the regular audience because someone on the screen referenced Peeping Tom by name.

Cabin in the Woods is the exception where it just does everything so well, it can do what it wants and it is absolutely amazing, but to me the meat and potatoes of the genre is still the regular old horror movie because an entire subgenre that play off the cliches would be so tiresome. That's where the Evil Dead remake came in and blew me away. It was a regular horror movie that looked amazing, had tons of action and suspense and the bloodshed was unparalleled. It reminded me of being 11 again, on the edge of my bed watching the original Evil Dead for the first time. Even by 11, horror movies didn't actually scare me, but wow, Evil Dead came the closest. I never looked at the original Evil Dead as humorous back then, so I felt like I was 11 re-living Evil Dead all over again with the remake being just unrelenting. I always loved Evil Dead II and AOD, but I liked the original best because it was more of a horror film, which is what I paid to see. As the years passed, I obviously understood the humor and Raimi's overall tone that ED has, but now I have an ED flick in my collection that replicates that feeling I got when I first saw the original, and that's badass to me.

You can't please everybody and most of these people don't want to be pleased anyways, but I'm happy that I enjoyed the remake because I really hoped I would. Most negative opinions on it revolve around the movie not being a total copy of the original, but those same people would have liked Raimi's style better anyways if the new one did veer onto that path, so they likely weren't destined to enjoy it in the first place. To me, it almost seemed like a natural progression in the series. ED 1 was very much a horror film, but had its quirks, Evil Dead 2 was very a much a horror comedy, Army of Darkness was barely a horror movie at all, in the remake we got a rather serious horror film... as serious as demons in the woods can be.
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