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I'm loving Netflix streaming as of late. Two of my personal favorites, Blood and Lace and The Initiation of Sarah, were both recently added with gorgeous prints. I had only ever seen the former via shitty looking, slightly cut versions, so to see it unedited and looking terrific was a great surprise. The latter is the best of the Carrie rips and looked equally great. In fact, I actually like it more than the De Palma film. I also finally caught up with Stuart Gordon's long OOP The Pit and the Pendulum on there, as well as finished off the Curse series with Catacombs.
Watched Catacombs early this morning and dug it. The scene with the statue was suitably creepy. Thought about giving Pit and the Pendulum another shot now that it's on Blu. Perhaps eventually. Pity Initiation couldn't get a nice Blu release to tie in with the Carrie remake. Same for Carrie 2.
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