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I just saw the "Final Cut" on Sunday night (in a theater!). I think it's now my favorite version of the film. It's sort of a combination of the theatrical and so-called director's cut. The final cut opens with Sgt. Howie in church, but wisely omits the scene of him getting the letter. Willow's dance is later in the film, same as the director's cut, although that's never been a major issue with me (as long as we see naked Britt, it's all good!). The only thing I questioned was the scene where Lord Summerisle brings the young man to Willow (which is fine), but then asks her if she's prepared for the sacrifice in two days (gives away way too much).

The quality of the non-theatrical cut scenes is still quite grainy. Will the theatrical cut be on the US Blu-Ray (in HD)? Bruce's post seems to indicate it won't. I think I'd probably stick with the theatrical, at least for introducing people to the film.
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