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Originally Posted by baggio View Post
Something I wrote on this site before in another old thread, but I think it fits here too. (Excuse the laziness, this was my initial post)


"Part 7 is my favorite. Although I enjoy all the rest. Part 7 could have been close to perfect if not for the last scene. I only wished John Carl Buechler would have directed more fridays. There just something special about that movie. The production quality is the best. Jason never looked so good(and I don't just mean Hodder) There's a viciousness to all the kills, that was not present in the first 6. I know there were some violent kills in the first 6 films but in part 7 its as if Jason was so pissed off. Take the end scene in the basement, there was such portrayal of anger by Jason(all without speaking) That whole ending starting from when the bitchy blonde opens the door was awesome. From the FX to the stunts, to the way Jason acts. I can watch the whole sequence over and over again. The way he flings the girl behind the TV set was fantastic. that little touch is what I'm talking about that makes the movie great. It was a kill then , get the F out of way. The kill, the anger, the stunt(by the girl), the realistic action(they didn't go to far, like having him throw her 30 feet in slo mo), NO CGI. I have yet to see something of that calibur in a long time.

One of my favorite parts(which just about nobody talks about) is when he comes in the house and while trying to corner Tina and Nick. And Jason quickly closes the door to prevent them from going in that direction. It gave him a very human factor. Or when Jason yanks off the wire from around his neck. I'll put that non speaking moment by a killer against just about any other slasher movie. It was like , "thats it your F'n dead bitch"

Just thought of another scene. Its from Part 8(which alot of people don't like) When he slams that druggie's head into the drain/steam pipe. That's the anger I'm talking about. "


I would like to highlight the part about the door in my old post. (its what made me think of my past post) I never see anyone mentioned that part. The way he closes the door is something very unique imo. I wonder if people even notice that very small detail. It showed Jason as anything but a stupid lumbering killer. Also I would like to say that when I said except for the last scene, that I was referring to the father jumping up from the dock.
I noticed that stuff about Kane Hodder's Jason. I always liked the way he puts his hands on people. He even grabs them with anger. Or throws / pushes them when he's finished with them. I like how he kind of leans and gets that guy to go up that ladder in Part 8.

Originally Posted by HorrorFan24 View Post
Part Two beats out The Final Chapter as far as my favorite. Kirsten Baker being the reason.
Same here. She's hot in that movie. I saw a really bad movie with her in it once. Something to do with car washes. It was horrible.

Originally Posted by Christy View Post
Didn't see the results before today and shucks. I am deeply saddened only I voted for Jason X. It wasn't that bad shame there is no love for it.
I like Jason X more than Part 4. At least that remake didn't get any votes.

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