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Originally Posted by ImmortalSlasher View Post
I just watched this recently. My review -

Innkeepers -

This is a good one. I wanted to see it for a while. It's old school horror and I like how they broke the movie into acts. I think a person's enjoyment of this one depends on how much they like the main character. If they don't then I can see a person disliking this movie. I think it was a stong performance by the actress. The other characters are played well too. I was surprised by how old the actress from Top Gun looks. I almost didn't recognize her. I think the director is saying something about modern versus classic horror movies in Innkeepers. There is a modern reference and without spoiling anything something in the final shot. All horror fans need to see this one.
The main actress is absolutely gorgeous. They did their best to make her look "ordinary."
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