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I just watched this one yesterday. I think horror anthologies might not be for me. At least in movie form. The tone always shifts from segment to segment. It was like that in Creepshow, Twilight Zone the movie, and other things that I can't remember. With TV shows it's ok because it's episode to episode. But with movies I like consistency. Or a constant build up.

There are some moments in this movie that lose some of the horror feel from the first segment, which I thought was great. I thought I was in for a really good horror movie in the opening. After all, people are saying that this is one of the best Halloween movies. And saying that puts it against Halloween. But when then they start to develop things and other stories it backs down a bit from that first segment and leans towards twists and gets away from dark slasher type horror of the opening. Which I guess is the point of anthologies. The movie is still kind of dark but in other ways. But once I realized that every segment had some kind of twist and how far the writer would go for that twist and to be clever, I was ahead of it. Except in the case of the Vampire. At least at first.

The movie certainly wasn't that scary. Not like movies I was able to see when I was very young. Movies that after watching them I didn't want to go to sleep. Or was scared at the idea of a guy not being able to be killed. Movies like Halloween which is still scary. Or Nightmare on Elm Street and a few of the Friday the 13th movies.

It is a cool idea of showing what goes on during Halloween in a small town. But I thought it could and should have been darker. Especially going from the opening and what one character that's everywhere does and symbolizes. Maybe he should have been more prominent instead of just a look who's around type. Because he's the most interesting thing in the movie. And the idea that this character wanders around, watching the activity, enforcing things in the open, and he's so small. That's freaky. A lot of bad things happen on this night. Especially to kids. I wonder what the town's reaction would be the day after? Perhaps this is the type of movie that actually needs a next year Halloween sequel. And since it was just announced I'm looking forward to what direction they go in.

I do wish that the twist with Anna Paquin's character was with witches, chanting, and something with human sacrifice. Sort of a reverse burning thing. That would have been more scary I think. At first I thought they were Vampires. But the idea of witches doing this every Halloween and waiting for this moment is more scary to me. Since this happens with Anna's type every so often I would imagine. It's not as special as needing to wait for every Halloween. I watched the movie a second time and from many pieces of dialog it's obvious what they are from the beginning. I guess the Red Riding Hood costume should have been enough for me to guess. But I knew she wasn't going to be as innocent as Red Riding Hood.

The appeal of this movie kind of feels like Cabin in the Woods. It wraps up a lot of horror stuff in a modern package. Which is cool I guess. But once you get past all the twists what sort of movie do you have? I don't think one as good as many are saying and not one to compare to Halloween.

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