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Had a few minor problems with my The Unseen blu-ray, was curious if anyone else here had the same problems?

On the Special Features menu, I couldn't access the Make Up Test Stills or the Still Gallery. It wouldn't even let me highlight them. Neither were that big a deal, but I was a little curious to see the earlier conceptions of "Junior" that were mentioned in the interviews.

Also, the interview with Craig Reardon seemed to cut off a little early. It just comes to an abrupt stop. It's a very lengthy interview, so I doubt that much is missing off the end, but they cut him off mid-sentence.

Again, both of these things are extremely minor. Not trying to quibble about the release or anything, I think it's an all-around fantastic disc. The movie plays flawlessly, and the video interviews run longer than the feature itself. I really enjoyed the hell out of it and am happy to have the film in high definition. I was just wondering if these little things were only my disc, or was everyone having this problem.
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