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Originally Posted by thing View Post
This is all wrong
Egad, if that image is post production, itís an epic fail. Because it looks like a guy in a suit, not a cyborg. Everything in the design looks like something to accommodate the form of a human wearer, not emphasize mechanized function over no longer existent human appendages. Worse, the style looks like the studio is trying to blatantly rip off Iron Man. Except for the color, on that I'm waiting for Graham Chapman to show up and chop off both arms and legs and leave him with no recourse but taunts.

The original Robocop suit/makeup effects made it look like Murphy's face was merged into the robotics - to rather creepy effect. This guy looks like he's just wearing a helmet. Hell, they couldn't even be bothered with keeping the center forehead section of the helm lined up with the center of the face - it's skewed and angled to the right. Again, all well and good for a guy wearing a helmet - not for a cyborg whose robotics and flesh are bonded together.
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