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Originally Posted by Mok View Post
I think it's pretty obvious that it's satire of military drones monitoring US citizens. It seemed pretty "excessive" to me. Unless you were being sarcastic.
That isn't satire, it's lazy writing. One of the things that made the original was the structure itself, just like Murphy wasn't a willing participant to become Robocop, the film itself is not a willing participant of the action genre itself. It was so over the top with tongue firmly in cheek that it became a cynical criticism not only of action films in general, but a cynical critique of itself. It's absolutely representative and poetic of the period it premiered.

No contrast to what we see here. Is it excessive? Well, in the same way Michael Bay is excessive. Now if you want to consider Michael Bay a Renaissance Man (which I somewhat do for other reasons), ok I understand. But what we are seeing is that the new Robocop is a willing participant of the genre, it's another superhero movie period. Hence... Garbage.

As for the drone thing, every science fiction film has touched on that for a decade, it's a convenient trope and a deep stretch to call "this" satire.

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