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I've been working my way through this set, and it looks and sounds great so far. Masque has a few troubling video lapses, but looks mostly good. I noticed no issues with Phibes .

The Abominable Doctor Phibes is still a lot of fun. While the unmasking scene scared me as a kid, this movies works much better today as a black comedy than a horror movie. The unicorn scene had me in stitches.

I don't quite get the hype surrounding Masque of the Red Death. While I can appreciate the artistic intent and morality play, I just don't think the movie holds up too well. For a movie about a man creating his own hell, the tone and look of the movie is rather light. Perhaps bubble gum Satanism just isn't enough for me to evoke a "soul that died long ago".

The Haunted Palace is probably my favourite on the set, but I am looking forward to revisiting those I saw as a kid - and seeing for the first time those I missed.
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