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Originally Posted by Mok View Post
Last night's episode started out by lulling you into a state of hopeless tension only to finally burst once shit hit the fan.

Hopefully that's it for The Coughing Dead now though. I'm kind of glad they're getting to the Governor sooner than later. Merl was that character you don't expect to come back and they did that already. Governor, you know is coming back, so let's get to the fuckening already! By the way, anyone else think the had they put up sheets along the inner fence to prevent the zombies from seeing them, they wouldn't have the problems with the outer fence?
Never thought of that idea about sheets. Sounds like an excellent idea. Seems like it would keep the zombies from getting riled up at the very least. Maybe even keep them moving to another location too. The walls kept them away at Woodbury why not the prison.

Plus, I would be working on a attachment that they could add to a car or truck. Like a side blade or bar of some sort that could be used to mow down groups of zombies without having to run into them head on.

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