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Spelunking another '80s obscurity, Scorpion Releasing give Jeffrey Obrow & Stephen Carpenter's THE POWER (1984) its DVDebut! It's bad news on campus when a college professor discovers a small Mexican curio -- turns out it's actually a religious figurine that harbors the spirit of the ancient Aztec god Destacatyl, capable of possessing its owner and manipulating their dark side. Eventually the idol falls into the hands of a tabloid reporter and a bunch of kids. Supernatural shenanigans ensue, including floating dishes, facial mutations and death by garbage disposal. Will they be able to resist the demon's lure, or will they succumb to "The Power"? Another quirky Obrow / Carpenter collaboration, sandwiched between THE DORM THAT DRIPPED BLOOD (1982) and their slime-o-rama monstershow THE KINDRED (1987). No word on supplements yet.

DVD Preorder (1/7/14)
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