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Originally Posted by MisterTwister View Post
The last Fangoria I bought was in 2006. The one with Slither on the cover.

I used to love them as a kid but they cost too much these days for me to give a damn.
No kidding! I picked up the "Giant Size Halloween Special" issue with Roger Corman on the cover and the price had gone up to $10.99! And that issue was no bigger than any other Fangoria issue - it actually felt thinner than most (lower quality paper stock?) If that's the regular new price then that lifetime special offer would pay off even sooner than expected.

When did Fangoria's price get so high anyway? Rue Morgue used to be the most expensive but I assumed that was because it was "imported" from Canada. HorrorHound is a veritable bargain at $6.99 an issue.
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