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Originally Posted by spawningblue View Post
1. I always thought she was changed when they captured her near the end. In that sense it works fine.

2. As for the masks, it's a movie. Movies always have things like this since the don't have the license to show kids wearing Batman, Superman, Jason, ect. costumes.
1. If that were the case, Cochran must have an instant person duplicator, which is stretching the dramatic license quite a bit. And even if he did, wouldn't she have acted against the hero sooner?

2. Even so, Cochran's products would be unlikely to edge everything else out of the market.

Sounds like you're making excuses for the film. Like I said, I enjoy it, and would even rank it among my favourites. But I enjoy it on its own terms - as a flawed fun flick with some cool ideas and great atmosphere.
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