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Red face

Originally Posted by Kim Bruun View Post
My sentiments towards this movie were never dictated by the absense of Michael Myers (a figure which I admittedly find supremely effective). There are some plot points which are simply too ridiculous for this to be a masterpiece. The worst two offenders being:

1. One character is suddenly a robot. It doesn't make sense within the story (otherwise, said robot would have acted against the sabotaging hero sooner) and is obviously just an attempt at a final scare.

2. Are we to believe that EVERY child would own or even want one of those three masks? What about all those who wore home-made costumes or (conceivably cooler) masks by competitors? The success of the ploy would be limited, and EXTREMELY easily traced back to its perpetrator.

That said, this movie does have its place among my favourites, and I've come to enjoy more with every viewing. But it's gone from having a bad reputation to being hailed as a misunderstood classic with such conviction that many seem to believe it's a better movie than it actually is.
Originally Posted by spawningblue View Post
1. I always thought she was changed when they captured her near the end. In that sense it works fine.

2. As for the masks, it's a movie. Movies always have things like this since the don't have the license to show kids wearing Batman, Superman, Jason, ect. costumes.
1. I agree with spawningblue.
A switcheroo took place between Ellie's kidnap and their eventual "rescue." You would need to suspend your disbelief regarding the amount of time required to construct an exact replica of a human being, but that's just Hollywood storytelling.

I don't think Conal Cochran's plot necessarily required every child to own a mask. If he gets masks to even 1 out of every 100 children, we're still looking at a massive ritualistic sacrifice that could involve as many as 500,000 children or more nationwide. Wouldn't that be more than enough to satisfy just about any bloodthirsty pagan god?

The ploy's success is whether or not the masks are triggered when they're supposed to, not whether or not the perpetrators are caught. I don't think being caught in the aftermath was of any concern.
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