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Originally Posted by Kim Bruun View Post
1. I think that when you are dealing with something that is already pretty fantastical, you can either say "all bets are off, anything goes", or try to create a believable scenario around the fantastical elements. I prefer the latter - fantastical elements simply don't relieve you of the obligations of good storytelling. And here, the switcheroo doesn't make sense - it's a lazy gimmick used to deliver one final scare.

2. That, on the other hand, is a good point. However, it would mean that Cochran's ritualistic sacrifice would be more or less a one-shot thing - from him at least.
In this case, I would say the switch was a logical conclusion to the other major plot point of the film; Conal Cochran has developed a series of virtually undetectable androids to serve his will and protect his secrets from getting out. I agree that it's a stretch of plausibility that Cochran could have had an Ellie android fully prepared and operational within such a short period of time, but really not any more than the fact that he's developed these androids in the first place, given the available technology of 1982.

It doesn't strike me as being much less plausible than the various goings on in most sci-fi films that have come before or since. The Terminator is a notable example that springs to mind.

The ritualistic sacrifice is probably a one-time thing for Conal whether he's caught or not. The last great Samhain was stated by Cochran to have taken place 3,000 years prior to the events of the film and I think it's a safe assumption that the next may not be for another 3,000 years after when the planets realign.
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