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Originally Posted by Kim Bruun View Post
But for me to suspend my disbelief, the process of this would have to be complicated - not something you can pull out of a hat.
I can totally see why you'd find an issue with this part of the film, but complicated doesn't necessarily mean that it has to take a long time does it? You could have a 1960s computer the size of a room spend five hours solving problems that a modern day smart phone can do in a second. Cochran could create lifelike automatons in 1982 that not even modern day scientists can achieve. It stands to reason that his mask making abilities could be as equally advanced. He has trade secrets that we are not privy to. If I could buy one, then I have little problem buying the other. But yeah, you're right about why Ellie took so long to attack Tom. It's nothing more than a cheap twist. I still like it though.

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