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My Thanksgiving weekend viewing:

11/27 Mystery Science Theater 3000: Godzilla vs. Megalon (1973)
11/29 The Giant Claw (1957)
11/29 Mystery Science Theater 3000: Night of the Blood Beast (1958) [w/ Turkey Day Marathon '95 skits]
11/30 Saurians (1994)
11/30 King Kong (1933)

I watched MST3k of Time of the Apes a few nights before too, I guess that counts. This is becoming a weird tradition of sorts watching giant apes and dinosaurs doing battle but I'm loving it.

Damn, I kept thinking to post a new thread but I could have just posted in here that Joel was hosting a fresh new Turkey Day Marathon for Shout Factory Thanksgiving Day! I couldn't watch with my family so I'm hoping somewhere we'll be able to see it again.
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