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Originally Posted by Mikey Horror View Post
Ok, I remember seeing this thing years ago and thinking it was really cool, specifically the trick or treat bag design and could never find any information about it. I found a You Tube video ( of someone who had one and they seem as puzzled as everyone else seems to be. There's also a variant which seems to be the same box set, but not in the trick or treat bag design ( Does anyone know if this is a legitimate release? There are numerous misspellings, grammatical and punctuation errors throughout the set as you may be able to make out from the pictures below, the DVDs themselves are factory pressed, play flawlessly and have the exact same content and quality as their region 1 counterparts. They come in cheap disc sleeves and the individual cover art for each film is just loose in the box. DVD Afficionado has no entry at all for this set and neither does DVD profiler. The weirdest thing of all is when I did a search for the UPC number, the UK DVD for 28 Days Later comes up with this box sets UPC number?! I recently found it on eBay for a cheap price so I figured what the hell and picked it up. There has to be someone who knows something about this thing. The only information I can find online is people pretty much asking the same things I am. No one seems to know anything about it specifically whether it's a legitimate foreign release or just a really convincing bootleg, because if it is a bootleg, it's one of the best I've ever seen. Other than the misspellings which could be contributed to translation issues, this thing has a very sturdy design. It almost feels like it's made of wood. Here are some more detailed pictures of the set.

100% bootleg. You've listed numerous hallmarks for an illegitimate release, but the 28 Days Later UPC is probably the most telling. A portion of that code is specific to the manufacturer, and no two manufacturers should be using the same code.
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