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Would y'all believe I just got around to seeing this for the first time last night? Wow, what a crazy-ass flick! It's just one of those things that's managed to slip under my radar. I believe it was shown on Turner Classic Movies a year ago, and still didn't see it. It was only a poke around the bargain DVD bin while waiting in line at a used record store that I saw it for $1.99 and grabbed it.

Nothing more to add that hasn't already been said (and it turns out, I already own/have seen most of the films Funktion mentioned), just a great blend of over-the-top gore and surprisingly good kung-fu scenes. I do love that late 80s-early 90s era of Hong Kong cinema. Probably right up there with 70s era gritty movies (American and Italian, mostly) as my favorite period of filmmaking.
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