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Originally Posted by deepred View Post
However, there are things I like: Last weekend's episode directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon was great. I would definitely like to see him behind the camera more. I love Lily Rabe as Misty Day - she is simply bewitching. Frances Conroy is also amusing as Myrtle. I even like the whole Heathers-like vibe that Emma Roberts brings to her character. I also appreciated making Sarah Paulson look like the blind psychic from The Beyond and the mother-daughter dynamic she shares with Lange. The Axeman is also cool. That said, where is this story going? Hopefully, it does have an epic ending because quite frankly this season needs it imo.
Gomez-Rejon is my favorite director of the whole show! He always puts his stamp on each episode and it always shows. He directed the amazing finale to Asylum. Last week's episode was god damn beautiful.

I do love the uses of colors Coven has had, it's all very Argento/Italian horror, and yeah I loved Paulson being blind, I instantly thought of The Beyond.

I have a theory about the ending and who the supreme is
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