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Saw this on Mok's recommendation (the title came up in a discussion of the current TV horrors, namely American Horror Story and Walking Dead. I said I find them more engaging than most horror feature films that get released, and Mok offered up Asylum Blackout as an example of a feature that's better than either of those TV shows).
I wanted to like it, I really did. Ultimately though, I was turned off by the lack of characterization of the inmates, and the over-characterization of the protagonists. At first, I really enjoyed that we got to know them so well, with the band, the intra-band dynamics, the girlfriend, etc. But once the titular blackout occurs, none of those things really matter anymore. It's like the first 30 minutes of the movie is total unrelated filler.
Then, we find out the main guy thinks it's one particular inmate who's behind everything, but we never find out why. And we also never find out how bad any of these inmates are.
Overall, it's an example of poor writing dooming what was actually a good initial plot concept. C+ at best.
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