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Originally Posted by Vinegar Syndrome
So before we head out of here next week for our little holiday break (we'll still update the page and take orders, but nothing will probably go out between next tuesday-thursday), we'd like to give an update on some great things to come in 2014:

- We have done some major upgrades equipment wise (read: Arriscan film scanner), and for next year you can expect a good amount of 4k scanning and restorations!

- Our sister company is now OCN Digital Labs. OCN will be handling all film scanning and restoration. Check out

- The Black Friday sale definitely showed us how we underestimated the response to our merchandise site. We will be hammering out the kinks, getting more prepared (i.e. more stock) before major sales, and work better in the customer service department.

- We're thinking of doing a web video series about film restoration, film history, etc. Again just to see how it goes (no crazy "reality" tv drama here, its mostly just restoring features and smelling like vinegar occasionally).

- As mentioned before, we will indeed be making some shirts, maybe a hoodie too. Just a couple designs to start with, see how well they do. These should be coming in the 1st quarter of 2014.

- We've been getting questions about summer internships here from a number of students. We are looking into doing it, giving college credit as well as experience, but we'll have a better notion after the chaos of construction here, and we'll give a better update in a month or so.

- I'm sure you're sick of the flyers, but we are very excited for the launch of Skinaflix next year. More news on that as it comes, early registration is still open (!

- Alright, so many of you would like to know about some upcoming releases for 2014, so here we go (release dates TBD):

SUGAR COOKIES: Our first 4k restoration!

GRADUATION DAY: Another definite 4k restoration, probably releasing around Halloween...

NAKED ZOO: A fun flick if you're down for some Rita Hayworth and Canned Heat!

THE JEKYLL AND HYDE PORTFOLIO: Hey no matter what, we won't charge you $2000.00 for a VHS copy on ebay...

PEEKARAMA: A new line of pure X rated features, many to be announced soon, the first of which will feature ABDUCTION OF AN AMERICAN PLAYGIRL & WINTER HEAT...available for pre-order at!

LAST HOUSE ON DEAD END STREET aka THE FUN HOUSE: All we'll say on this is that it is being worked on and handled with the utmost care for a release in 2014. All other details remain CLASSIFIED.

We have many more surprises in store for 2014 -- it's going to be a great year for VS!

Thank you all for the support this first year, and we look forward to delivering to you all a great film experience in 2014!

- Ryan, Joe aka Lee Jones, and Brandon

Warning: The above link includes an NSFW image for Jungle Blue.
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