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Originally Posted by DVD-fanatic-9 View Post
I have seen 0 2013-released movies so far but have a lot of interest in Leviathan, Frances Ha, and Gravity.

I'm... curious about Byzantium, but this film should be the perfect excuse for hollow flash (more amusement park chaos/carnage, please!). Seems to take itself too seriously, and really- don't we kind of have Twilight for that? (Just a thought.)

(Oh yeah, I saw a lengthy review with clips and all a few months back. I feel I know the movie well enough to doubt I'd be missing out.)
Well it is nothing like Twilight and I mostly like good serious films, so byzantium was right up my alley. Twilight is more of an "are you serious?" kind of film. Byzantium plays like a sister film to Interview with the vampire.
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