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Still quite a few films on my "To see" list for 2013, such as Hors Satan, Beyond the Hills, Wolf of Wall Street, the Paradise trilogy, and plenty of others, so I usually don't make my "final" list until the end of January when I try to catch up on some missed films and a few of the buzzed about films on other lists and see if they bump out any of mine. But currently, my top 10 films from this past year that I had the chance to see are:

10. Blue is the Warmest Color (France/Belgium/Spain)
9. Sightseers (United Kingdom)
8. Drug War (China/Hong Kong)
7. Stoker (United Kingdom/United States)
6. Berberian Sound Studio (United Kingdom)
5. Pieta (South Korea)
4. Spring Breakers (United States)
3. No (Chile/United States/France/Mexico)
2. The Act of Killing (Denmark/United Kingdom/Norway/Finland)
1. The Hunt (Denmark/Sweden)
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