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Originally Posted by elDomenechHDG View Post
Horror is my main thing, and occasionally I may grab one or 2 extraneous titles like THE WORLD SINKS EXCEPT JAPAN but, yeah, I don't have a whole lot of their stuff. I know they said they won't abandon horror (Scorpion has already hinted at this) but I get the feeling this is exactly what's going to happen.
I don't think Synapse is going to abandon horror completely, Don and Jerry are both enormous fans of the genre and in the past have been willing to risk losses for films that they really wanted to put out. That being said, their horror output in recent years has shown a divergence that I expect to continue, a divergence where, on the one hand, they have acquired big titles like SUSPIRIA and DEMONS and, on the other hand, they have acquired recent, rinky dink little horror movies like HEADER and what have you. The big titles require a lot of work on their part, but can be guaranteed to sell a certain number of units. The smaller new titles might not sell much, but they also don't require as much work to put out, since the rights holders usually already have videos masters, sound mixes and basic supplements that they can hand over. I think that trend is going to continue. And I expect we'll definitely see fewer releases along the lines of THE DORM THAT DRIPPED BLOOD, a title which was not nearly as big as a SUSPIRIA or a DEMONS but was of a similar age and required a lot of work on their part.
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