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Originally Posted by X-human View Post
Seems like there's a bit of a pick up again with distributors these past few years, with a relatively big shark like Shout! Factory entering the fray, Kino hitting it harder than ever and new comers like Vinegar Syndrome picking up the low hanging fruit it must be getting a bit tougher out there. Kinda bizarre market right now. I'm wondering if we're building towards another mini-bubble burst.

Another bubble burst is what I'm afraid of and we STILL won't have movies like BLOOD BEACH, THE PREY, THE FINAL TERROR and a bunch of others that haven't even hit DVD yet. I'd like to see these films hit the market before another burst of the bubble. It's great that we're getting so much obscure stuff again on DVD and BD but much of what's coming out is ultra obscure, meaning too obscure for a blind buy. I'll blind buy anything horror from 1972-1992 but I'm not touching Japanese porn or no-budget Filipino karate-chick flicks lol
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