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Originally Posted by fattyjoe37 View Post
Thanks for the kind words everyone. I am extremely happy to announce that we will be holding a DVD pre-release party for my film The Invoking at Scarecrow Video. The event will take place on Monday 2/17 at 7 PM in Seattle. This will be the first place that the film will be available for sale anywhere. If any Washington residents on the forum can make it, it'd be great to see them there and have a drink (Scarecrow now sells beer, soda, and coffee). More information on the event can be found here:
Hey, you're doing excellent work. Like Egg Shen, I'm one the other side of the country, so I won't be visiting any time soon. I tried to find a flick my wife and I could enjoy the other night on Netflix, On Demand and Vudu. It wasn't easy to find a movie. I really miss rental stores.
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