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Lately I've been enjoying watching episodes of the series "Branded" with Chuck Connors. It's interesting to see a western tv program with a protagonist with such a dark backstory that continues through the series. Compared to other western television programs of its ilk, it has a flawed hero vibe to it more in line with today's tv dramas then what was on the air then. I'm gonna have to go with other than, as Cohen was the series' creator.
"What do you do when you're BRANDED...and you know your a MAN ?"

Cohen also created the cult science fiction series THE INVADERS.Like Branded it had a lone hero,a haunted man trying to convince the world that aliens disguised as humans were invading the Earth.Cohen seems to identify with loners,his protaganists are often outcasts,shunned.An interesting trait in his body of work.
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