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Originally Posted by sade View Post
I don't know whether to laugh or cry. As someone said before in this thread, I had to stop watching the first time after 50 mins. The music & the sets vary throughout the movie from pretty decent to awful. The acting is horrible, and it sounds like Dario is still recording all the dialogues in the studio, which is very distracting.

I guess I've lost all hope that one day any of my favs directors (D.Lynch/J.Carpenter/D.Argento/D.Cronenberg) will ever release anything good again.
I really hope that Lynch starts making movies again. He's at the top of my list as well. I liked Cronenberg's latest movie Cosmopolis even though it wasn't as good as Videodrome and Naked Lunch. I was even good with The Ward by Carpenter. Those movies might not be at the top of the heap in the oeuvre of their respective directors but at least they had decent acting. Cosmopolis was actually quite good. Argento, unfortunately, has just lost it completely. I loved his earlier works all the way up to and including The Stendhal Syndrome. Then the quality dropped and the movies became just ok (Phantom was horrible). Dracula was just terrible. It was badly acted, the CGI was nasty, and the whole movie was just unnecessary. I hope he turns it around but I lost all hope after this one.
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