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Originally Posted by Paff View Post
As I feared, Coven has gone off the rails. Continuity is an afterthought, as characters die one week and just magically reappear the next. Right now it's only the scene chewing of Angela Bassett and Jessica Lange that's holding my interest. Bassett is just outstanding, and every minute she's on screen makes me giddy. But yeah, the story is just a total mess at this point, and I don't think they can write their way out of it in just two episodes.
If last night was the conclusion to the witch hunter storyline, THAT was just pitiful. What is the point of Zoe, Kyle, Kyle's Mom, Nan, Joan, Luke, etc. What is the point of the season?

This year is just terribly written and Asylum, while also having several storylines - did it with better characters that felt consistent and the whole season actually felt more cohesive as a story with Briarcliff being what kept it all together. I really don't know much more about this Coven than I did the first episode. Witches Vs Witch Hunters and some Voodoo thrown in with a Racist Monster - this year should have been so much better!

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