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Voted for Murder House, I was loving Coven up until the last episode or two. The story has way to much going on, too many unnecessary characters and subplots, and some really awful dialogue. This makes me nervous about where the series is headed, but since it's on FX I shouldn't really be surprised since they know how to run a show into the ground (Rescue Me, Nip/Tuck, Sons of Anarchy, etc.), so my biggest concern is that Jessica Lange and Angela Bassett (saying she returns next season) will continue to drowned out the other cast members. I much as i love those two, they're fantastic actresses, but I worry Murphy and company will cater to them over everyone else, which has started to happen in this season (Hell, even Caty Bates is struggling to stay relevant in the shows "Storyline") If this is the case then I think the next season may be doomed to mediocrity.
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