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Originally Posted by zbinks View Post
The writers really need to figure out better ways to end the various storylines they weave throughout the season. Each season seems to reach critical mass with plotlines and twists and the show ultimately falls apart into a schizophrenic mess. Their main stories seem to always come to an abrupt, premature ending a few episodes before the season's end, leaving half-baked, seemingly minor stories to close out the season.
Yup. Any doubt that they make this show up as they go was completely dispelled as they've dropped the Cordelia pregnancy plot that was there at the beginning, not to mention the Stevie Nicks episode really seemed shoehorned in (like, Stevie found out about the show, said she'd make an appearance, and they hastily wrote her in).

So for season 4, I just want them to have a beginning-to-end main storyline planned out and make the whole show more coherent.

Complaints aside, it's still an enjoyable hour of television once a week, and far less disappointing than most "new" horror films that are currently released.
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