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Geez, this was pretty damned bad. It's almost hard to believe Argento actually made this one. I've seen just about every Dracula film adaptation there's ever been, and this would rank near the bottom...easily.

I thought the Cinematography was especially horrible throughout the film. Every scene that should have appeared darker simply looked artificially lit up. Most cheap DTV films have better cinematography than this film did!

And then there was the inept CGI which looked like it came from the early 2000's... certainly didn't help matters any.

Thomas Kretschmann and Rutger Hauer did pretty solid jobs with what they had to work with. They at least saved the film from being a total disgrace. Even Asia Argento was pretty bad in this one.

And I swear the music score for this one was a virtual total ripoff from some other film score...but I just can't quite pin it.
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