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Kind of a "Meh" ending to a season that started out great and then just fizzled out after returning from the mid-season break. Hopefully next year, they show a little more restraint so they can let the story flow a little bit better. Too many seemingly major storylines just ended on a dime or seemingly drowned in the mix, and too many seemingly major characters were more or less, "filler," by season's end. It's like they couldn't figure out what story they really wanted to tell nor with whom they wanted it told. The first 2/3 of the season really was great, but this feels like a season where the whole is probably less than the sum of it's parts.

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Bold prediction time:
Spalding was the "woman" that blinded Cordelia and the girl he took from Marie Laveau is the next Supreme.
Nope. Just an underdeveloped character and a couple of dropped plotlines.
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