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Originally Posted by Matt89 View Post
Same thing has happened to this season that has happened with previous seasons. Yes, the writers just do not know how to conclude their stories well. They have interesting angles and bring up great sub plots but they don't know how to write endings. Like they're fucking horrible at it. Horrible horrible. They try to do too much with it and come up with too many ideas and never know how to pull them all together in the end. It's a real shame. Because of this they have almost no replay value.
I have to disagree with this, I've found with repeat viewings I've grown to enjoy the seasons much more the second time around, they're good at planting clue early on in the seasons or foreshadow things that you don't notice until you rewatch it. My friends have rewatched both the first and second seasons as well and they've told me how much better it is rewatching, and that the endings tie things up pretty well.

If anything this show has amazing replay value, I've discovered new things each time, and see the bigger picture of the story.

That being said, Coven is my least favorite episode of AHS, it wasn't as intense and powerful as Asylum, nor as mysterious and claustrophobic as Murder House.
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