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I saw this last night and freakin' loved it. One of the best horror films of the new millennium (although I don't know how well it will hold up on repeat viewings). I do agree that there were some jump scares they went to far too often, but it's made up for with those really freaky Super 8 films. For one thing, I've always had a morbid fascination with hanging, as in the sight of a corpse hanged by the neck really creeps me out. This movie ramped that unease even further, watching that family die as they stopped kicking one by one. Then that lawnmower film, even though you had an idea what would happen, they still made it a shocking reveal.

I'm looking at the previous posts here, and most are from 2012 which I assume meant the theatrical release. A lot of films do work well in a crowded theater, but not this one. I watched this very late at night, by myself (in other words, much like Ethan Hawke's character) and I was getting really creeped out by it. That's something that hasn't happened in years.

If you skipped this one like I did (partly because of the generic title.....seriously, what happened to good titles to horror movies?), check it out. And watch it alone.
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