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Originally Posted by indiephantom View Post
Not at all! That would be great.
Originally Posted by Shannafey View Post
Loving the podcast!!
Thanks guys!

Originally Posted by dave13 View Post
Has anyone else had any issues playing the recordings? Part 1 of the anthology series cut out at about an hour and a half for me, and now the best of 2013 won't play at all. That is to say, all of this happened on my iPod. In iTunes, on my PC, they both play fine. So I'm thinking perhaps it's my iPod that is the problem? I'll look to see if any software updates are available. But if anybody else has experienced issues like this with these files (or any others), and can shed some light on what the problem might be, please let me know.
Let me know if you have any more problems?

One listener sent an e-mail mentioning having problems with one of the episodes (I believe it too was the anthology episode) but I couldn't replicate the issue so I wasn't able to figure out what the problem is. I believe he ended up downloading it from iTunes and it worked fine. I test all episodes right away, and they have all played fine for me on my iPhone, as well as streaming or downloading from the website. If there is an issue I would love to fix it.

Were you streaming or downloading the episode from our site? Sometimes I notice mistakes in the summary and update the files. I wonder if it was the same time you were listening or downloading, if it could have caused an issue? Let me know!

And yeah, if anyone else has had any issues, please let me know as well!
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