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Originally Posted by dave13 View Post
that was me who emailed you about the anthology issue. i ended up just streaming it and listening from my PC, so i never ended up actually fixing whatever my problem was. like i said, though, i have a feeling its a problem on my end. i was kind of hoping someone who knows a lot about itunes or ipods might have encountered something like it and be able to tell me how i could fix it. the best of 2013 plays fine on my PC, and on your site. i've also tried re-downloading it. but it won't play on my ipod itself. it looks like i'm literally the only one who's had this problem, so, like i said, it seems to indicate that its a problem on my end.

i didn't mean to cast any doubt onto the quality of the uploaded files, sorry if it came across that way.
Oh okay. Haha didn't realize that was you! And no don't worry, it didn't come across that way. If there are any problems id want to fix them as soon as possible instead of having people not be able to listen to an episode.
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