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I like Sorority House Massacre 2, but it's easily the weakest film in either series. Unless Cheerleader Massacre counts, which it doesn't.

Hard To Die is basically the same film, only better and in a skyscraper. But then again, Psycho Cop 2 did the "killer in a skyscraper" slasher flick way better.

Both films feel like cheap Wynorski films, which they are.

Sorority House Massacre, on the other hand, fits right in with the Slumber Party Massacre series. It has some really fun chase scenes, and I love the little bits like the bloody knife in the fireplace. Also, can you say "fashion montage"! Also gotta love little lines like "psychic bacon" and "let's eat Melanie's ice cream!"

Too much fun! Can't wait for the upcoming blu-ray.
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