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Originally Posted by CPT HOOK View Post
I like Sorority House Massacre 2, but it's easily the weakest film in either series. Unless Cheerleader Massacre counts, which it doesn't.

Hard To Die is basically the same film, only better and in a skyscraper. But then again, Psycho Cop 2 did the "killer in a skyscraper" slasher flick way better.
My nostalgia will likely always cloud my judgment but I have fun with Wynorski films I'm not even nostalgic for. Slumber Party Massacre? 3 is a brainless shitheap, the first is an utter waste of the talent on display and boring for the most part, 2 is almost interesting as a surreal, casual WTF flick... then the rocker guy shows up and it's an aggressive, painful slog for which I demand someone explain if they ever hope for it to be considered on the level with Wynorski's best (namely 976-Evil 2 and SHM 2 and 3 / Hard to Die).

Actually, forget it. I watched the film and- there is no explanation. There is not even the slightest clue that he exists in anyone's memory, he's not the most popular Fake Music Video Artist on Fake-MTV (ala- Critters), he's not a nightmare reincarnation of a dead loved one, he's not an actual escapee from prison or an asylum, he's not a leftover from a previous film. He's the 1987 equivalent to that fucking "PANCAKES!" kid from Cabin Fever, turning up again and again and again and again and again and again. And the filmmaker expecting 70% of the horror to hinge upon him...

Wait... sorry: Dennis from Cabin Fever was actually set-up in that film. You knew where he came from (even though it was still stupid). So, that's being unfair to a better film and filmmaker.

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