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Originally Posted by shape22 View Post
If it contained more ridiculous moments like the praying mantis scene or the town hall massacre scene it could have been fun. But it's such a perfunctory and phoned-in take on a story that's already been beaten to death. Not even a master scenery chewer like Rutger Hauer was able to bring it to life for long. I can't imagine any reason for its existence other than pure greed.
Those were the two moments that stood out for me as well. The effects were lousy in both of them, but there was a wackiness and energy that the rest of the film was hugely lacking. When that's present, I can forgive the worst of effects. It's what makes a terrible film like Birdemic worth watching, and what gives it some entertainment value. Aside from those two scenes (and maybe the completely gratuitous Lucy-takes-a-sponge-bath scene), this movie was incredibly dull.

It felt like the actors were participating in a staging or lighting exercise, reading their lines in a monotone while the crew did their thing. Rutger Hauer in particular looked and sounded like he was under sedation. Each line delivery felt like it was a confused question, as though he were completely unsure of where he was or what he was doing there.

Re-reading this thread is more entertaining than the movie. The hope and cautious optimism of the early posts seems tragic in retrospect.
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