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Originally Posted by dave13 View Post
Whether or not he was there the whole time, I really thought they pulled it off well.
On the rather lengthy “Making Of…” featurette available on the BD, it shows Wood is in fact present during the majority of the shots. For the most part, those are his hands in front of the camera…with the exception of a few scenes where a stunt double was needed.

After my second viewing, I thought I’d honestly never revisit the film any time soon either. However, I’ve watched it two more times now since October when the U.S. BD was released. Nostalgically speaking, it’s just a really addictive film…great synth score, brutal kills, and gore F/X that don’t hold back. What Hatchet achieves for the fun backwoods-themed slashers, Maniac does for the dark, gritty, city-themed slashers…movies like Nightmare, The New York Ripper, and of course Maniac.
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