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Scored a solid B at the AV Club:

In the satire department, RoboCop 2.0 is pointed but rarely funny: It leans heavily on Samuel L. Jackson, popping in to bloviate as a Fox News-style pundit. The digital mayhem, meanwhile, is capably staged, but lacks the visceral punch of the old Verhoeven ultraviolence. (Like Jay Baruchel’s nattering OmniCorp marketing wiz, the suits at Sony are after mass appeal; they’ve reprogrammed a gory genre classic into a PG-13 crowd-pleaser.)

But this RoboCop earns its stripes, mostly for the seriousness with which it treats its Frankenstein story. Kinnaman, who’s afforded a wider range of feeling and more fluctuating inflection than Weller was, locates the tragedy of his character’s predicament. What he and Padilha understand is that RoboCop is both cool and—on a deeper, more philosophical level—pretty terrifying. The movie’s affecting highlight arrives early, when Murphy’s conflicted doctor (Gary Oldman, sterling as always) shows his lab experiment what he really looks like under all the moving parts. For a few minutes, the full horror of this refurbished premise is brought to the forefront. To paraphrase one of the original’s most famous lines—repurposed here, as a wink to the faithful—we’d buy more of that for a dollar.
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Well as the video explains, I do not think it is a great film, nor do I think.
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